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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wet Market (second trip)

Further discoveries in a wet market in Kuala Lumpur.
Some paw paw and grapefruit.

Some baby mangoes.....

Some fresh meat.........

Some fresh crabs......

And finally some curious looking things. Help! anybody know what these are??


  1. hi, may i know which wet market this is? thanks.

    1. Hi there Shella,
      This is the one in Chow Kit. A great wet market but only for the adventerous! For most people it is too hot, too cramped and too risky!
      If you are new to KL this is a poorer part of KL.
      Good luck!

  2. it's a local delicacy called "jering". First timers will find the taste and smell offensive. An acquired taste even among the locals. usually eaten with boiled rice and "sambal belacan" (chilli paste). the brown coloured ones are ripe whilst the yellow ones are still unripe and has a slightly bitter taste; however not as pungent as the brown ones. my first experience eating "jering", it left a plastic like after taste on my tongue. but once i have acquired a taste for it, found it to be a tasty accompaniment when eating boiled rice.

    1. Maz,
      Thank you so much for educating me on jering. Feels great to finally know what they are.
      Thank you so much!!


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