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Monday, July 23, 2012

Restoran Rose 911 in Pandan KL for original Malay Food

For a unique and in-expensive way to experience original Malay food from Negeri Sembilan you must go try out Restoran Rose 911 in Pandan KL!! The restaurant is simple like most Mamak stores but it is unique in the food that has on offer!

If you are taking foreign guests they will love the daging salai masak lemak (smoked beef cooked in coconut milk) which reminds one of smoked sausages/salami. The chicken and fish dishes are very tasty too and there are plenty of vegetable dishes and tofu for any vegetarians.

For more adventurous gustatory tourists, the tempoyak/sambal durian (fermented durian) will blow you away! There is no other taste like it in the world- as far as I am aware!! And there are also the "stinky beans" to try which make a nice accompaniment to any dish. The beans themselves do not stink, infact they are similiar in taste to peas. The stench is supposedly produced post consumption!

By the way very little English is spoken there, but most is buffet and you can point at things on the menu. Better still take a Malaysian friend to explain things to you!!

A very big thank you to my collegues, for taking me there for lunch!
For more details on the history of the restaurant and how to get there have a look here:

Restoran Rose 911

Cruise Tasik Putra Jaya and Floating Pink Mosque in KL.

A nice way to spend the afternoon in Kuala Lumpur is to cruise past all the sites in Putra Jaya.
Cruise Tasik runs a regular boat service that costs 50RM per adult. There are discounts for students, my second home visa holders, mykad holders etc

It is a 45 minute boat ride with a tour guide explaining the facts and statitistics of all the major sights.

Of course the beautiful pink mosque: Masjid Putra floating on the Putra Lake, cannot be missed and the boat leaves from the dock next to this wonderful Mosque.

To get to Putra Jaya, you can take the train from KL Sentral. Putra Jaya is situated between Kuala Lumpur and the International Airport.

If you have a large group of 12 or more you can hire the cruise boat for lunch or dinner & drinks.
More details on their website below:


Friday, July 6, 2012

Durian Puffs and Fermented Durian in Kuala Lumpur

Now these are not for the faint hearted!! Durian is a much loved fruit by Malaysians but receives mixed reactions from foreigners! Therefore, I always try to ease my guests and friends very gently into Durian.
I must admit that we do have a great amount of fun surprising our friends with "Durian delights!"

One of these delights was recommended to me by my fellow blogger Stephanie-(Thanks Stephanie!).
They are called "Durian Puffs!" They look like profiteroles and can be bought in a delightfully simple bakery in China Town. They are creamy and fill your mouth with a "parfum of durian."

These Durian Puffs are a nice way to introduce people to Durian and get them used to the acquired taste.

For the more adventurous of you, you can try Durian fruit! Ideally start with the best quality known as Musang King. Fruit sellers can be found all over Kuala Lumpur and in Wet Markets such as TTDI.

If you still can't get enough of Durian then upgrade your taste buds to Sambal Durian/ Tempoyak (fermented Durian.) You can find this at the up- market restaurants Bijan or Songket or at a local restaurant such as Restoran Rose 911.

More information on these restaurants to follow: Bijan and Rose 911.
For Songket have a look here:

Songket Restaurant KL

Weather forecast for Kuala Lumpur

I just discovered this great site that will give you the weather forecast for anywhere in the world!

Have a look via the link below, type in the city or town and it will give you a 5-10 day weather forecast.

Simple, free and very useful!!

5-10 day Weather Forecast

Fish spa therapy in Kuala Lumpur.

If you haven't tried this yet you must-it is such a good laugh!!
It will be a foot massage that you will never forget! How does it work?
Different sizes of fish tickle and massage your feet by nibbling away at them. Don't worry it doesn't hurt but it will really get you screaming with uncontrollable laughter!
There is no describing the sensation- you just have to give it a go!!

Where in KL can you go and experience this?
There are several places and I have mentioned 2 of them below:

Central market, Pasar Seni, ground floor has one Fish Spa which is inexpensive and simple. Here you will find 2 sizes of fish as well as a hand spa (fish nibble your fingers!!)

The Pavillion Mall (Near Mono Rail Bukit Bintang) has a more expensive Fish Spa which offers other massages as well. Have a look at their website here:http://www.kenko.com.sg/


Frasers Hill- Outing from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

You can either drive or take a train to Fraser's hill from Kuala Lumpur. Plan around 1 and half hours to get there by train from KL Sentral to Kuala Kubu Bharu.. It is nice place to visit if you want to experience a cooler climate in Malaysia and some English nostalgia similar to that found in Cameron Highlands. A day trip is sufficient unless you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and are longing for a cool, peaceful and green hideaway. If so you can make it a weekend stay.

Taxi from the train station ( Kuala Kubu Bharu) to Fraser's Hill can cost up to 180 ringgit plus waiting and touring. If you want to pre plan a pick up from the station contact  Apoo
+6 (0)193686531  or pillai452@gmail.com  

For more information on how to drive there have a look at this link:
How to get to Fraser's Hill

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