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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Getting Lost in KL? Map of Kuala Lumpur.

Why is it so easy to get lost in KL?
I have to admit that I find Kuala Lumpur very dis-orientating and yet it is a fairly relaxed and organised city. So what is it about KL that has so many of us cursing at our Satellite navigation systems or going round and round in circles?

Well there are a few things that all add up:

1. Ring Roads: made in such a way that you can approach one place from 2 completely opposing directions.
Example: Getting to Mont Kiara from both KL Sentral and Bangsar

2.Places with similar names: KLCC versus KLGC, Petaling Jaya or Putra Jaya (careful when you ask for PJ)

3. Streets with the same names but different numbers both before the street name as well as after.
(E.G.) 11 Jalan Setiakasih 5.

4. The length and the pronunciation of street names. Try saying:  Desa Sri Hartamas

5. Last but not least the rapid rate of building and development; simply put the Sat nav cannot keep up.

If you are tired of getting lost!
If you are tired of the taxi driver either not knowing where he is taking you or pretending not to know!

Why not check out these clever maps online and plan your journey before you set off? These are really helpful. Have a look:
Maps of Kuala Lumpur

If all else fails and you have money to spare: Hire a driver!

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