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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cost of Alcohol in Kuala Lumpur

Alcohol is heavily taxed in Kuala Lumpur and therefore, more expensive than back home. If you are planning a party and need to get some reasonable priced booze then head for the Malaysian Island of Langkawi where alcohol is sold tax free and have your party there. (About 1 hour's flight with Air Asia). You can bring back alcohol from Langkawi but you are of course limited.

 If a trip to Langkawi is out of the question then have a look at the attached spreadsheet comparing alcohol prices in several KL supermarkets.

Alcohol Prices in Ringit


  1. You can still only bring 1 litre per person back from Langkawi duty free.

    But I find if you are making mixed drinks, the local spirits are OK, and are priced between RM20 and RM30 a bottle, generally.

    As for liqueurs, you can make many yourself using a local vodka as a base. Recipes are available on the web, or you can just try using your imagination.

    As an example, a bottle or Pernod, Ricard or Sambucca costs about RM120, but a packet of aniseed seeds (ground in a coffee mill), and a bottle of local vodka, with a little sugar syrup thrown in makes a very drinkable alternative for one fifth the price. It takes only 24hours or so to be ready.

  2. Beer can be bought at one of the bottle shops on Jalan Thambapillay, Brickfields. for half of what it will cost in the expat supermarkets, eg village grocer, cold storage. If you are here for a long time stock up large at Chinese NY time when the specials at Tesco, Carrfour, Giant are happening.

  3. Thanks guys for your input. I will post the different prices for imported alcohol soon.


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