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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Driving School/ Lessons/ Licence and Defensive driving in KL.

3 months into my stay here in Malaysia, I have decided to take up driving lessons in KL. The driving school has been excellent so far and the 6 hour theory class was more enjoyable than I had expected. The instructor managed to keep us entertained with various true stories of funny driving incidents and near misses. His english was very clear and I was further amused by his enthusiasm especially when it came to teaching ladies how to change a flat tyre. Ladies beware: don't wear a mini skirt on the day or else you will not only amuse the lads but you will be topic fodder for the next lesson.

If you are looking for an english speaking instructor who provides practical driving lessons on defensive driving as well as lessons on the Malaysian Highway code then contact Metro Driving School (Sri Hartamas Branch). I am currently learning to drive and am using this particular branch as they speak very good english, are punctual and are all round very professional. They offer 2 different packages which both include pick up and drop off at your home. Contact Azman on 0122682214 for more information.

For a very good explanation on defensive driving and tips on driving in Malaysia (as well as other countries) check out Keith Lane's website: http://www.keithlane.com/.

To convert your current driving licence to a Malaysian Licence you will need to do this in Putra Jaya, the administrative centre of Malaysia. (Please note the rules for doing this change from time to time.)
More details can be found at: Converting your Licence
or at: http://www.expatliving-malaysia.com/expat/expat.php?num=10

For advanced information have a look here:

Angloinfo: Malaysian Licence
JPJ Kuala Lumpur
Converting Probationary Licence


  1. Very useful information you have shared. I will follow your post for more information.

  2. Thank you North Shore for your comment and good luck if you are going to do your driving test!!

  3. I already have a driver's license from my country but haven't driven in a long time. Needless to say, in Malaysia they drive as in Britain, so I'm kind of apprehensive. Would you advise me to go to driving school to kind of ensure my skills? I see you were quite happy with your experience. Thanks!

  4. Hello Catalina,
    Welcome to Malaysia. To answer your comment it may be best for you to take some lessons so you can get used to the way of driving in Malaysia especially since you haven't driven in a long time.
    You will also need to check with Metro about the validity of your current licence in Malaysia. They will be able to assist you.
    Good luck!

  5. Thanks for this very informative post. Do you know if the Sri Hartamas Branch is still open? I cannot find information about it online. Would like to register to pass my driving licence. Would you mind sharing the total cost you paid? Thanks again. Nicolas.

  6. Hello Nicolas,
    Thank you for your comment! Did you try calling Azman on : 0122682214.
    I used them 2 years ago so I am sorry I cannot recall how much I paid. It was however, a package deal which included everything- lessons, theory and practical test, Learners licence application etc
    Azman covered the Mont Kiara area so give him a call.
    Good luck!

  7. hi. My Name is Salim. I am attached to Metro Driving Academy Kuala Lumpur Branch. we cover the area in Kuala Lumpur especially KLCC and its neighbouring. Feel free to contact me if any of your visitor / friends looking for places to take their driving licence or driving lesson. We also provide refreshment driving lesson. Tq. Salim 0126951284

  8. Hi, im expat here in KL and never been driving before. And my question is, is it possible to take liscence here? Im a filipino. My boss ask me to take driving lesson and have a car. Hoping your assistance regarding my concern. Thanks

  9. 8. 30th November, I went to the driving test. While I was waiting for the registration one guy started explaining something in Malay for 1.5 hours.
    9. I had been told months before that even if you do not make mistakes during the road test they would fail you if I do not bribe the evaluator. I did not believe, since it did not make sence. How can someone be that evil, specially on a relitious country like Malaysia.
    10. Started with the inside test, I could not believe that the examinerers were not paying attention to the students being evaluated. I noticed all the evaluators were highly arrogant and rude with the students.
    11. I was expecting the evaluators to see my whole performance. It did not happen, since a lot of students are evaluated at the same time.
    12. Time of the truth, the road test.
    13. Got in the car, adjusted my seat, mirrors, and placed seat belt. Explained everything inside the car as supposed to, started engine.
    14. The evaluator remained with arms crossed during the firt 60% of the lap. It seemed to me that he was waiting for something. No driving mistakes on my behalf.
    15. Suddenly afterwards the evaluator became very active writing down notes. Still no mistake on my behalf. Keeping good distance from other cars, using the signals all the time, using the correct lane, correct speed, correct gear, etc. Perfect driving.
    16. End of the evaluation. I was expecting an easy pass. By my surprise he said: "never mind, you failed".
    17. I asked what I did wrong?. He replied hidden in his sunglasses with a nervous voice, keeping up the arrogance "you are making the same mistakes once and again". I could not believe it. He gave me the evauation sheet all in Malay 11/18.
    18. I asked what errors I made. He refused to answer, he just said "ask your instructor", and left the car.
    19. I went straight away to my instructor expecting a detailed explanations of what my errors were. I got a very general and silly explanation, and a smile. I thought "this guy knows what is going on here".
    20. I finally realized the rumors were true. I went to the office to hand over the sheet. They made my sign very quick, gave me one small peace of paper, and sent me to one counter.
    21. I went there to hand over the tag with my evaluation number. They asked me to pay 10 MYR for the booking.
    22. I asked what is this for?. He said to book a date for the re-evaluation. I replied "that is not going to happen", and left.
    23. I wondered "how many people are involved in this scam", do instructors get a share?, what about the school?. the ones who do not get a share, do they know how the whole thing works?
    24. I went to work and commented my experience to my Malaysian coleagues. They told me experienses of people who knew how to drive and failed the test several times, and were "forced" to pay to pass.
    25. That explained in part why so few blogs about the issue in internet. People accept bribing as part of the normal procedure to get a driving license.
    25. I was advised to do the same with the next evaluation. I replied that is not going to happen. I am not going to contribute not even with 1 single Ringet to corrupt people. The rats will need to get their cheese from somewhere else.
    26. My advise for honest people, specially expats. Get the license in your country, and convert it here.
    27. Final advise. Share your experiences in blogs, do not remain silent. Corruption may be common, but it is not normal.

  10. Ciro Romero, can you tell us where you took driving test, maybe share the above on facebook?

  11. hi Guys I am Ali from Uzbekistan, i am looking for a female driving instructor for my wife, wife got her driver license about 5 years ago since then she dint drive much so we moved to KL few months ago she needs to improve her driving skills, she needs to get few lessons before she goes on to roads, is there any female instructors who can help us out, we r located in Taman Melati, please anyone want to give driving lessons call us on 01112872864

  12. I am grateful for this blog to distribute knowledge about this significant topic. Here I found different segments and now I am going to use these new instructions with new enthusiasm. Adult driving license


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