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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Kuala Lumpur now has great quality Leather shoes for babies and toddlers.

Good bye plastic and hello suede!
Goodbye squashed toes and welcome barefoot comfort!!

It has been a real chore finding some comfortable and great quality shoes for my little one. I have been reading a lot about how important the early years are for getting your child off to a right start by giving them the best footwear to support their toddling then walking and then running days!

Now I have finally found the perfect shoes. They are lovingly made in Africa with great quality leather and come in different, adorable designs and patterns.

For baby's they have soft leather shoes.

 For toddlers there are leather shoes with rubber soles.

 Have a look at some of their wonderful designs:

Prices start from RM89.
For more information drop me an email at :  expatliving@hotmail.co.uk

Best Activities for Toddlers and Babies in Kuala Lumpur



Colour Experience at Baby Sensory Classes

This is my first compilation of things I have discovered in KL to enjoy with your baby or toddler. Some of the recommendations I have joined myself but some I have not yet managed to get round too! Just wish to share this info with all the mums in KL who are looking for things to do with their young children.

One of our favourite activities is Baby Sensory/Toddler Sense. They are just brilliant and offer half hour free play and half hour structured themed classes every single day of the week. In addition the themes change every single week so your little one is always learning and experiencing something new.
They have just started a new class for kids aged 3 plus called Mini Professors, whereby the kids learn by doing different experiments.

For more info have a look here at their website:
Baby Sensory/ Toddler Sense

Toddler Sense Classes


For baby and toddler swimming classes have a look at this blog: http://www.makchic.com

Makchic.com also has some great information about kid friendly cafes and best outdoor parks.

Have a look here:


Have fun with your kids checking out some of these activities!!!


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