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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Make Friends and have fun in Kuala Lumpur!

Most expats can make moving from country to country look quite easy and fun! Yet there are a great number out there who are quite bored, lonely and desperate for friends!
Many are not aware, that Kuala Lumpur has quite a lot of activities going on where they can:

1. Meet new people
2. Make some great friends
3. Have fun
4. Discover something new.

So here is a short list of some of the activities over the next 2 months where expats and locals alike can connect:

Canada Rocks Celebration on 11th May 2013
Jewellery Bazaar on 16th May 2013
More info here:       Canadians in KL

Manza Ball 2013

Manza Welcome Tea: 9th May and every 2nd Thursday of the Month
Manza Dinner Club: 11th May and every 2nd Saturday of the Month
Manza Ball: 18th May 2013
KL Orientation tour : 27th May 2013

More info here: Antipodeans in KL

PJ Laugh Fest with Comedy Galore:  15th May to 9th June
Andrea Bocelli in KL: 5th May

More info here:   Expatriatelifestyle

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