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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Images of Landmark Buildings in Kuala Lumpur: Dayabumi and Menara Maybank

Images of Landmark Buildings in Kuala Lumpur and the meaning behind their architectural style.

          The Dayabumi (Commercial offices and General Post office) and Menara Maybank.
           The Dayabumi is built in a modern Islamic style with 8 sided stars on its facade.

The Menara Maybank symbolises the "Keris". "Keris" is the traditional Malay sword which is comparable with "Excalibur" for it's tales of magic and power in Malay folklore.

Dayabumi and Menara Maybank carved in wood veneer in The Arch Exhibition, Kuala Lumpur City Gallery in Merdeka Square.

Arch create intricate gifts and souvenirs of KL from veneer wood.

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