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Monday, March 4, 2013

Burnout and Stress Prevention in Malaysia

A new and innovative model from Austria that helps people with their work- life balance, enhances their talents and prevents burnout, has now arrived in Malaysia!

For more information, have a listen to BFM radio's recent interview of Erika Zechner and Andrea Ristl, founder of this method.

BFM Radio: Prevent burnout at work
BFM radio: Prevent burnout at work.

The model uses an ECG device that gives you an accurate reading of your current and potential talents, your stress triggers, your ability to recover from stressful situations and your true biological age.
It is a perfect combination of biological measurements on your body that is linked to your state of mind. Therefore, you get raw and real data without any bias from you or your coach.

Once you have all your data you are then in a better place to receive coaching and training that will propel you towards harvesting your potential and removing all the things that drain your energy reserves.

This terrific model works for both individuals and organisations alike.

If you are:
In conflict at work with your boss/peers/team
Worried about not being promoted at work
Feel unsupported
Moving home, moving country
Grappling with the death of a loved one
Facing confusion in your life
Not getting enough sleep

and want to contact someone who can help you:

Call: +60 (0) 19 221 2075
Email: erika@blueprintfive.com
Web: www.autonomtalent.com
Web: www.blueprintfive.com

For Coaching Classes have a look here:
Coaching Classes in Kuala Lumpur

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