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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Leadership Training, Executive Transition Coach, Cross-Cultural Training, NLP practitioners Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Moving abroad can be stressful and may leave you extremely vulnerable. In my previous blog entry I gave all the tips that helped me when I moved to Malaysia from London. You can find them here:
Tips for Moving abroad

However, if you are very anxious and need to talk to someone about it, I would highly recommend a wonderful lady called Louise Legat who is a Life Coach and has a speciality in helping people through transitions and moving abroad.

If you are bored, frustrated, lifeless, feeling stuck, don't know the next steps in your life, then I would recommend you speak to an NLP practitioner. Sounds scary? Not to worry, they are wonderful people and have some incredible skills that will get you feeling motivated and ready to move on with your life and towards your goals.

NLP is also extremely effective when it comes to changing people's behaviours and the culture in a company. Particular results are achieved in Leadership Programmes and Culture Transition Programmes.

Transition/Moving abroad Coaching: contact Louise Legat:

Website: http://coaching.positiveenergy.ch/
Blog: http://www.louiselegat.com/
Email: louise@positiveenergycoaching.com
Swiss mobile: (+41) 0788 152 161
UK mobile: (+44) 07974 642 145

NLP Coaches and Cross Cultural practitioners in South East Asia:

Erika Zechner on 019 221 2075
Website: http://www.blueprintfive.com/
Sharmini Hensen on 012 391 2272
Website: http://www.sharminihensen.com/

Leadership and Soft Skills Training Programmes:

Website: http://www.blueprintfive.com/

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