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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Taxis in Kuala Lumpur

I am very curious, what has been your funniest or strangest experience with a taxi in Malaysia?

I have 3 funny ones to date that I have listed below:

1. Taxi driver had decorated his taxi like a night club! There was a black feather boa on the dashboard, a music system with a deep base playing house/techno music and for some reason his girlfriend was in the taxi with us.

2. A blue taxi (most expensive priced taxi in KL) with the sole passenger in the back of the car being a black cat. The black cat was merrily, propped up with paws on the back door looking out of the window. There was no-one else in the car apart from the driver. We had such a laugh: we always go for budget taxis to avoid the expensive ones and there was the cat of a rich owner being chauffered in style.

3. Today, topped it all. I was already late for an appointment when the taxi driver suddenly got a bout of stomach cramps! He desparately needed the toilet so he drove me to the next taxi rank and asked me to take another cab!!

So what about you guys? What have been your experiences? Can't wait to hear them!

By the way there is also a new service called: My Teksi. There is an app and you can book online. Anyone use them yet? What is your verdict?

Link to My Teksi


  1. Ive been using MyTeksi since ive arrived here in KL/PJ and i think its great, its improving with every update, and the Dev team really seems to listen to feedback.

    I and some of my colleagues have found that it provides us with a quick answer as to we will be able to get an taxi there n then.
    The Taxi's are always CLEAN
    The Drivers are all real professionals and people that take a pride in what they are doing. (hence the clean taxis?)
    You always get a text send confirming the Driver ID/ and Taxi plate Number, when booked, and another text to say its arrived. The MyTeksi app for the driver tracks the car via GPS, so there is quite a bit of enhanced safety in there as well... all in all a tool that i think might improve the View we have of Malaysian Taxi Drivers..

    1. Thank you Kilted Dutchman for this information, I will check them out. They do sound like they know what they are doing!


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