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Monday, July 23, 2012

Restoran Rose 911 in Pandan KL for original Malay Food

For a unique and in-expensive way to experience original Malay food from Negeri Sembilan you must go try out Restoran Rose 911 in Pandan KL!! The restaurant is simple like most Mamak stores but it is unique in the food that has on offer!

If you are taking foreign guests they will love the daging salai masak lemak (smoked beef cooked in coconut milk) which reminds one of smoked sausages/salami. The chicken and fish dishes are very tasty too and there are plenty of vegetable dishes and tofu for any vegetarians.

For more adventurous gustatory tourists, the tempoyak/sambal durian (fermented durian) will blow you away! There is no other taste like it in the world- as far as I am aware!! And there are also the "stinky beans" to try which make a nice accompaniment to any dish. The beans themselves do not stink, infact they are similiar in taste to peas. The stench is supposedly produced post consumption!

By the way very little English is spoken there, but most is buffet and you can point at things on the menu. Better still take a Malaysian friend to explain things to you!!

A very big thank you to my collegues, for taking me there for lunch!
For more details on the history of the restaurant and how to get there have a look here:

Restoran Rose 911

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  1. The dishes look really authentic. Will remember Restoran Rose 911. Thanks Erika :-D


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