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Monday, July 23, 2012

Cruise Tasik Putra Jaya and Floating Pink Mosque in KL.

A nice way to spend the afternoon in Kuala Lumpur is to cruise past all the sites in Putra Jaya.
Cruise Tasik runs a regular boat service that costs 50RM per adult. There are discounts for students, my second home visa holders, mykad holders etc

It is a 45 minute boat ride with a tour guide explaining the facts and statitistics of all the major sights.

Of course the beautiful pink mosque: Masjid Putra floating on the Putra Lake, cannot be missed and the boat leaves from the dock next to this wonderful Mosque.

To get to Putra Jaya, you can take the train from KL Sentral. Putra Jaya is situated between Kuala Lumpur and the International Airport.

If you have a large group of 12 or more you can hire the cruise boat for lunch or dinner & drinks.
More details on their website below:


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