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Friday, October 21, 2011

Taxis/Cabs in Kuala Lumpur

Don't be offended if a Taxi driver refuses to take you to your destination. This is just one of those things you need to get used to in Kuala Lumpur. Below are some tips and things to be aware of:

1. Taxi drivers do not always know all the destinations. Well known hotels and landmarks are not a problem but a condominium in a suburb like Mont Kiara may be a bit trickier. The rapid growth of Kuala Lumpur has been difficult to keep up with (satellite navigation fails here as well)

2. All taxis/cabs have a meter but some taxis refuse to switch it on, preferring to haggle a fixed price with you. Always take a metered taxi.

3. There are however, official fixed price booths for taxis such as the one in KL Sentral. Use these ones if you know there will be heavy traffic as this would be very expensive on a per meter basis.

4. Some taxi drivers are very jovial and welcoming. Others are grumpy and tut a lot. Don't take the latter too seriously. Most taxis have the drivers name printed on the driver's door.

5. Friday afternoons (during prayers) and when it rains: taxis become very scarce. Plan for this if you have an important appointment.

6. Traffic is horrendous during rush hour so plan extra time.

7. The large blue taxis/cabs are the most expensive.

8. After midnight there is a 50% surcharge to your usual fare. ( 2011 price)

9. Be prepared to pay for toll fees on top of the meter fee, unless it is stated otherwise.

10. All taxis run on gas so they have a huge gas tank taking up space in the boot. If you travel with more than 1 large suitcase you will need to hire a larger taxi.

11. When traffic is flowing you can get in and around the main city centre for about 15 -20 ringgit (2011 prices: about $5 to $6.5) Price is significantly higher from the airport into town on average around 90 -140 ringgit from KLIA.

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