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Monday, October 10, 2011

Compare the cost of living: Malaysia versus your country.

This is a really cool site that allows you to compare the cost of living between 2 countries.
Check it out via the link below:

Cost of living comparison


  1. Thanks for the link - it's a great site. Having moved from Oslo to KL, it's fun to put a number on how much cheaper it is to live in Malaysia - 126%!

  2. Hello Irish Nomad,
    Thanks for your comment and glad you like the price comparison site. I had a lot of fun and gasps at some price differences when I first discovered it! Yikes 126%! That is heavy!
    I hope you are enjoying KL and feeling sorry for all your family and friends facing winter in very expensive Norway!! Brrrrr!
    Take care!

  3. Can any tell me avg cost for a single person in shah alam, selengor. Im gonna move to there next october. And also i wanna know cost for accomedation. Single bed room with private bathroom and kitchen

  4. Sorry D.G.C, I do not have that information! But do check out: www.mudah.my, there will be more information there.
    All the best!


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