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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Which mobile phone service provider to use in Kuala Lumpur?

I am in the process of switching from Celcom to Digi mobile and the good thing is I can keep my number. I am switching from post paid with Celcom to pre paid with Digi. Reason being Celcom's processes don't allow me to switch to pre paid within Celcom. So I need to switch to Digi first and then back to Celcom. Very complicated indeed. So let's see what Digi has to offer: I will most probably just stick with them. I am also curious to see what happens with the deposit I paid to Celcom once I switch over. Their helpline has told me different timescales for the refund : 4-6 months (crazy I know!!) or 3-7 working days.

If you are confused about which service provider to go for have a look at the price comparison table for pre-paid rates via the link below:

Pre-paid rates compared: Digi, Maxis, Celcom and Tune Talk, 2010

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