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Monday, February 29, 2016

Handling Stress and Loneliness when living abroad.

This ted x talk by Kelly McGonigal is absolutely fascinating because the science says that stress can actually be very good for us as long as we believe it is good for us. In addition it also proves the old saying that " a problem shared, is a problem halved!"

https://www.ted.com/Make stress your friend

So why am I sharing this message here. Well because being an expat in a foreign country can be very stressful and very lonely. For some their whole experience is marred by homesickness and seclusion not being able to integrate and make new friends. For others only the beginning of their stay is so until they find their groove and start to settle in after a major change. And for others the stress may come later, when the excitement of a big move starts to give way to some unexpected realities or boredom. In others still the stress comes when they actually move back home after several years away and find that they have changed so much that they no longer fit in to their old way of life and circle of friends.

You don't have to be an expat to experience stress or loneliness, this is not reserved solely for those moving around the world. That is why Kelly McGonigal's message is so important to help everyone stop the damages stress causes by changing our perspective on stress. Instead of " this is going to kill me", we need to realise that stress " is getting me ready to face anything that comes my way".

Changing beliefs and perspectives is something coaches are trained to do. So if you find yourself in a stressful or lonely situation and you need to halve your problem, reach out to a coach and let them help you face your challenges with support, encouragement and positivity.

You can find coaches all over the world via the International Coaching Federation:

International Coaching Federation

In Malaysia or Indonesia you can reach out to:

Erika at Blueprintfive Ltd   : http://www.blueprintfive.com/
Tel: 0192212075

Anne and Jacque at Anne Munro Kua Transformations:     http://amktransformations.com/
Tel:+603-2169 7710

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