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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Visit Malaysia 2014!

What a shame that Visit Malaysia 2014 has gotten off to such a bad start!
There have already been 3 major issues that have hampered tourists experience and 1st impression of Malaysia.

Firstly, we experienced simultaneously:

1. Very dry weather followed by water rationing
2. Very thick, smelly and unhealthy haze/smog over several days in February and March.

3. Lastly the terrible and mysterious disappearance of one of the airlines of our major carrier: Malaysian Airlines MH370.

Our sincere condolences to all family and friends of the passengers and crew on that flight.

These 3 will undoubtedly shake visitors confidence in Malaysia and cause the number of tourists to dwindle during a year when Malaysia would be hoping to welcome record numbers of visitors.

To make matters worse the haze suffered by all this year was not caused by other countries but it is believed that the foul smelling, health hazard was caused here in Malaysia. When you travel to the airport you can see large areas of charred land, some still smouldering.

Images of the haze this year: makes for a very poor impression on visitors to the country.

Smell of burning in the air as haze engulfs Kuala Lumpur in March 2014.

Same view on a cloudy day.

Is there anything that can be done about the annual haze attack on Malaysia?
I welcome your thoughts!

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