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Monday, November 5, 2012

Malaysia is 10th most friendliest country in the world: 2012

HSBC carried out a survey during May and July this year to find out which are the world's most friendliest countries according to expatriates. 5339 expats in 97 countries took part and the results are:

1.Cayman Islands
2. Australia
3. Britain
4. Canada
5. New Zealand
6. Spain
7. U.S.A
8. Bermuda
9. South Africa
10. Malaysia
11. Mexico
12. Germany
13. Bahrain
14. China
15. Singapore

Malaysians will be very pleased to be in 10th place, 5 places ahead of Singapore!! (There is an ongoing rivalry between these two nations.)

For more information on criteria and how the listing was decided have a look at these 2 articles:

New Strait Times
The choice.my

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