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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Why is Petaling Jaya in Sections?: Sir Templer and KL:some interesting facts!

I always wondered why the addresses in Petaling Jaya were in sections rather than street names.
A taxi driver taking me there informed me that it all had to do with a certain British Field Marshal called Sir Templer and the control of Communism in the early 50's. Intrigued I looked it up.
In summary wikipedia has the following account:

1952: Field Marshal Sir Gerald Walter Robert Templer is appointed British High Commissioner of Malaya

He was brought in to deal with the Malayan Emergency: guerrilla war between Commonwealth Forces and the Malayan Communist Party

Petaling Jaya was created as a satellite town as a solution to the over population of Kuala Lumpur.

In addition Sir Templer also had the earlier housing  in Petaling Jaya fenced off to prevent the inhabitants from assisting the Communist Party.

So if you are ever in any of the Sections of Petaling Jaya, you will know now why the streets have such strange classifications.

More information Here:
Wikipedia: Petaling Jaya
Wikipedia: Sir Gerald Templer

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