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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Health issues that strike expats in Kuala Lumpur

This is not meant to alarm you but rather just inform you of the main health issues that Expats tend to face in humid KL that they possibly would not get back home. Where possible I have mentioned cures or prevention. I hope that it also helps you realise that you are not alone if you suddenly suffer from any of the following health problems:

Cystitis or Urinary tract infection seems to be prevalent amongst expat women. By the way not all women get it but those who do should see a doctor and get some antibiotics prescribed. If you are wary of antibiotics have a look here for alternative remedies:   Natural remedies for Cystitis/Urinary Tract Infection
Proposed prevention is :
1. Ensure you drink enough water and are always hydrated.(Expats often take it for-granted when they first arrive that they need to consume more water here. Regardless of humidity our bodies require more water in this climate.)
2. Drink cranberry juice on a regular basis.

Thrush or Candidiasis can also be a problem but is highly treatable. Please see a doctor once again if you have symptoms. Details can be found here: Details on Thrush. Moving to a new country with all it's associated stress can affect your immune system which leaves you open to illnesses such as these. Also your body needs to adjust to new germs, new diet, weather and environment. So do all you can to keep your immune system in tip top shape.

Dengue Fever caught from a Mosquito bite is not deadly but there is no vaccination or fast remedy.
Symptoms and further details available here: Details on Dengue Fever See a doctor when you have the symptoms and ensure you drink lots of fluids.
Proposed Prevention:
1. Use insect repellent
2. Use aircon at home and sleep with it on
3.Remove any still standing water that allows Mosquitoes to breed it's eggs in
4.Wear clothing that covers your extremities.

Malaria does exist in Malaysia but it seems to be contained in certain areas of the country.You will need to make the decision whether you want to take the risk that there could be Malaria in KL or take anti-malarial pills. Most sites claim that Dengue rather than Malaria is more prevalent in KL.

Common Cold aggravated by temperature fluctuations: aircon
Almost every new comer complains about the huge contrast between the temperature outside and the air-conditioned temperature in most public spaces. Walking into a cold building after sweating in the humid weather can often lead to headaches and colds. After some time in the country you will not notice this temperature shock as much as you did in the beginning. Therefore, if you are sensitive to the cold always carry a pashmina or jumper to use when you step into the freezing LRT, taxi or building.
A good Singapore Laksa or Tom Yam Soup also does wonders when you feel miserable and sore from a cold!!

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