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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Is Kuala Lumpur (KL) a safe place to Live?

I received an email from someone wishing to move to KL and they were naturally concerned about the safety of the city. I welcome all your views because as with anything perception and experience is subjective.
Having lived in both Kenya, Austria and England (for stretches of 10 years or more in each location), I tend to compare the security of Malaysia with these 3 reference points.
I find KL to be relatively secure and like with most city's you just need to be aware of your surroundings and not go to any "dodgy" areas at night. I personally do not get the feeling that it is a very dangerous city.
I have been advised here that when walking along the road, I need to watch out for bag snatchers who come along on motorbikes. The rule is to carry your handbag on your side furthest away from the road.
All condominiums have 24/7 security and surveillance cameras and stand alone houses usually employ a guard or watchman.
I have family living in Johannesburg and my experience of the feeling that this city gives me is that Johannesburg is more risky than KL. Even parts of London have me feeling more nervous than I do in KL.
Certain sites on the internet suggest that Japan and Singapore are the safest Asian countries to live in. I am curious to hear from you how you think Malaysia compares to other Asian countries.
Wikipedia states that the most common crimes in KL are snatch thefts, robberies and motor vehicle theft.

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So, I welcome your comments. How does crime in KL compare to other countries you have lived in? Where can people find statistics on the current crime levels and ideally a comparison with other countries?

Looking  forward to hearing your opinions!


  1. since 2010, Malaysia is second most safest country in Asia. In 2011, Malaysia in 19th and Singapore in 24th. SIngapore being in third place after Malaysia in Asia. I'm feel proud and great as Malaysian to see you love my country and my previous hometown, kuala lumpur like me..

  2. Hey Paeq, thanks for these statistics, really good to know!! Where are you living now??

  3. I am an unusual expat - living in Selayang, cause I don't have money for Bangsar, Ampang etc. I had encounters with muggers and was attacked three times already, I can't walk alone in that part of town after 8pm. The security guards suck, they are using drugs and robbing people, they are horrible. Well, better not to continue..

    1. Sorry to hear that Vedra; sounds so different to the KL I experience. Have you got any other insights to share? You can always email me direct rather than post a comment.


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