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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Food, food and more delicious Malaysian food, Let's Makan!

Wow, if you love food you will love Malaysia! The myriad choices and flavours are astounding. The prices even more astonishing. You can find fresh, tasty food and pay a pittance for it so watch out Weight Watchers: let the over-indulgence begin!!
With so many places to choose from I will only start to show you the few places and blogs I have discovered
and promise that there will be more postings in the future. As I eat my way around KL, I am sure to add more stories and tips later on.

An Indian operated mamak store that serves some local, tasty food is Nasi Kandar Bestari. I know of two restaurants: 1 in Desa Sri Hartamas and the Other in the Solaris shopping complex, both Mont Kiara area. If you want to try some local street food then this is a clean place to try. This is a place to take your guests who want to experience something more local and authentic. It is not for those who prefer fine dining as the set up is simple but the food is tasty. You can get Teh Tarik here which I am addicted to. This is black tea and condensed milk prepared with lots of sugar. The preparation method is unique in that the tea is poured from great heights several times allowing air to blow through it. They literally look like they are pulling or stretching the tea hence the name Tarik which means pull in Malay. Roti Tisu is another unique dish which you have as a dessert.
Curries, vegetables, seafood are selected from a buffet like counter and side orders such as Roti Canai are ordered from a menu. Prices are extremely reasonable.
Teh Tarik

Roti Tisu

 If you love pastries you must check out The Loaf at the Pavillion. It currently faces the Hibiscus Water fountain at the Pavillion. They bake delicious pastries/breads and have a small 'cafeesque' seating area. There are several outlets in KL. Have a look at: http://www.theloaf.net/

For donut fans you will enjoy the cheeky/funny ideas and names that Big Apple Donuts & Coffee have created. The donuts are on the sweet side but I find myself craving one of them every now and then. For Dunkin Donut fans these donuts are a treat! I have been to the one at the Sunway Pyramid and the one at the entrance of Low Yat shopping Mall. For other locations and list of flavours check out: http://www.bigappledonuts.com/

Some of the wacky donuts!
By the way Makan means to eat in Malay. Enjoy!

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